Jeremy and Jane's Engagement Photos

Last week, (oh have I been slacking with this blog post!) I took my friend Jeremy and Jane's engagement photos. We took photos at two places: West End Architectural Salvage, because they have a great door on the north side of the building. There is ivy, and windows and great colors. And because Jeremy and Jane met as students at Drake University, we then went up to the campus and took photos on what turned out to be a perfect Saturday evening.



{On the steps of Old Main at Drake}



I got off work early last week, and took a walk around my neighborhood. I snapped this photo of a chair outside of a yoga studio a few blocks away. I started flipping through some of my other photos, and I realized I really like taking photos of empty chairs. I'm not sure what this says about me. But I do love a good empty chair.


{retro sign in milwaukee}

I don't normally do a ton of stylizing to my photos, but this sign from a recent trip to Milwaukee just begged for it.

Spring & Polaroids

{the perfect light + friends looking at polaroids}

Mark + Lindsie's Wedding

Last week I shot my first, full wedding, for friends Mark and Lindsie. The wedding was at the Hoyt Sherman in Des Moines. Now, I love black and white, but the building and rooms were so beautiful, I actually used a minimal amount, because the colors were so lovely.

For example, the dresssing rooms with Lindsie:



There was beautiful stained glass doors right outside of the gallery that we took photos in front of:


The guys taking portraits outside (it also was a really gorgeous day for October 31 in Des Moines, perfect for a wedding.)


And lastly, Mark and Lindsie taking their first dance. The reception was at West End Salvage, which was photogenic in a really different way, and I got to use more black and white there.